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* ESPNers told SI’s Richard Deitsch they were fearful something like this could happen with the Frontline-ESPN collaboration (
* A staffer asks: Why did ESPN even agree to collaborate with PBS at all? (

* PBS “Frontline” Concussion Watch (


Howard Kurtz’s “Media Buzz” on Fox News goes up against CNN’s “Reliable Sources” starting Sept. 8. Both will air at 11 a.m. ET Sundays. “The head-to-head scheduling is a tough break for those 17 Americans who have an appetite for two hours of media-crit-related cable talk-show fare,” writes Erik Wemple.

* Kurtz’s Fox News “Media Buzz” to challenge “Reliable Sources” head-on ( | Fox’s press release (

John Boyle of the Asheville Citizen-Times says he “didn’t know whether to laugh or cry” while listening to Richard Nixon and Rev. Billy Graham talk on the phone in 1973. “In a word, I was astounded” by this exchange about CBS’s coverage of Nixon’s first Watergate speech —

Billy Graham and Richard Nixon

Billy Graham and Richard Nixon

Nixon: “What did CBS do? Did they knock it?”
Graham: “I felt like slashing their throats, but anyway God be with you.”

Boyle asked the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association what it had to say. Here’s part of the statement:

Mr. Graham has always been the first to admit that he is a sinner saved by grace. In response to some of the things he said during the Watergate era, he admitted, “I sometimes put my foot in my mouth. I’ve made many statements I wish I could recall. I am an erring, fallible disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ, and am subject to all the temptations, human frailties and errors of other disciples of the Lord.”

* Rev. Billy Graham’s throat-slitting comment astounds (

ALSO: The garage made famous by Watergate and “Deep Throat” is going to be demolished. ( | (

* Save the Males (

Yesterday’s New York Times T Magazine ran the opening lines of Jonathan Lethem’s “Dissident Gardens,” which includes the word fucking. “It’s unclear how or why this f-bomb made it past The Times’s prude copy-editors,” writes Rebecca Greenfield.

Salon’s Laura Miller points out:

By burying its first use of “fuck” on what’s essentially the contributors’ page of the fashion supplement, a page that is typically withheld from the online version of the magazine, the Times is breaking with tradition in the most low-profile way imaginable.

She adds: “If you happen to read T magazine online (though what would be the point?), you won’t be able to find it at all.”

* New York Times (quietly) drops the F bomb (
* New York Times deigns to use the F word (

After seeing this image tweeted last night, I went to the Baltimore Sun’s website to make sure it wasn’t a Photoshop job; it was not. I’ve invited the Sun to comment.

* “Digital first means journalism last,” and other comments from my Facebook wall (

carr* Journalists attack Julian Assange and Glenn Greenwald because the two “aren’t what we think of as real journalists,” writes David Carr. “Instead, they represent an emerging Fifth Estate composed of leakers, activists and bloggers who threaten those of us in traditional media. They are, as one says, not like us.” (
* Dodgers owner Mark Walter is interested in buying the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. (
* What to tell readers when they complain about the shrinking newspaper. One Gannett paper’s guide: (
* Chicago Sun-Times boss Michael Ferro steps down as chairman of struggling Merge Healthcare. He’s the largest shareholder. (
* What happened with PBS “Frontline” and ESPN? “Beats me,” says the media giant’s ombudsman. (Robert Lipsyte tried hard to find out.) (
* Viv Bernstein on ESPN: “The shame is in misleading the public by trying to maintain a pretense of unfettered journalistic integrity that simply cannot exist.” (
oldkeith* Keith Olbermann’s recharged as he returns to ESPN. “People who see me now say I look about 5 years younger than I did at Current.” (
* A former Las Vegas columnist explains the Greenspun family feud. (
* ProPublica’s Richard Tofel: “While we do not usually comment on stories before they are published, in light of what’s already appeared on this subject, we can confirm that we have for some time been working with the Guardian, and more recently also the New York Times, on a story based on documents provided by Mr. Snowden.” (
* Jill Abramson: “We don’t usually comment on our reporting before publication, but in this case we will make an exception since it is already public. The Times is reporting on material from The Guardian as well as other matters related to Edward Snowden.” (
* Abramson tells The Forward: “My most important Jewish moment is going to take place very soon, next September, when my daughter gets married.” (
* Appeals court judge rules for the media who reported on the finances of former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen. (
leaks* School board in North Carolina cracks down on members who leak to the press. (
* Lance Armstrong settles with London’s Sunday Times, which sued to recover money from a 2006 libel settlement. (* Reuters signs a deal with USA Today Sports Images and tells its freelance sports shooters they’re no longer needed. (
* Nikki Finke wants to take back, which Jay Penske bought in 2009. (
* GQ and Esquire discover meditation. (