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* What the….?! Former Patch staffer’s lawsuit says she was asked to work from her hospital bed just hours after delivering her baby. (
* New York Times outage is “the result of a malicious external attack.” (
* Al Jazeera America’s highest rated show last week was “Real Money with Ali Velshi.” It had 54,000 viewers. (
* Chicago Newspaper Guild files an unfair labor practice charge against Sun-Times Media for using non-union members from Aggrego to do Guild journalists’ work. (

Quinn and Kurtz in happier days

Quinn and Kurtz in happier days

* Sally Quinn on Howard Kurtz’s latest column: “Why would he want to hurt me and Ben [Bradlee]?” ( | Kurtz’s mid-life crisis? (
* The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer wins the I.F. Stone Medal for Journalistic Independence. (
* Kicking the tires? Boston Globe’s new owner, Ed John Henry, won’t comment on his visit to the Los Angeles Times. (@chaughney)
* An iPad user is still loving the mini model. (
* CBC war correspondent Peter Stursberg turns 100 this week. (
* Willa Paskin: “Watching the very first episode of Olbermann, I laughed and I cried.” (
* You’ve been warned! A Slate redesign is coming. (

Gannett and Belo press release: “A Second Request [for information about a proposed acquisition] is a standard part of the DOJ review process.”
Michelle Leder writes: “I’m always looking for press releases that massage the truth and this one looked like a winner.” Her evidence:

Federal Trade Commission: “The vast majority of deals reviewed by the FTC and the Department of Justice are allowed to proceed after the first, preliminary review.”

* Was DOJ request really standard on Gannett/Belo deal? (


* Meredith Artley explains why Miley Cyrus got big play on (

Follow-up tweets:

* Meredith Artley on Twitter (@MeredithA)

Not quite, Mediaite

From other Times book excerpts:

…and there are more. (Thanks to the reader who sent these.)

* In a nearly unprecedented move, the Times prints the F-word in its entirety (
* What got the New York Times to finally drop an F-bomb? (

Fuck in New York Times book excerpts:
The Sopranos on the Couch * Positively Fifth Street * Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time * American Vertigo * The Sights Along the Harbor * The Possibility of an Island

UPDATE: ABC News asked me to point out this just-added editor’s note:

Editor’s Note: This article was written and published on Aug. 25, 2012, the day Neil Armstrong died, and was updated this week with a new video to commemorate the anniversary of Armstrong’s death. This update changed the time stamp on our mobile site, causing some to share the story on social media thinking we had published news of Armstrong’s death today. We regret the confusion caused by the updated time stamp.

* How the ABC News Twitter share tool led people to believe Neil Armstrong just died (

August 12: Susan Misur is named New Haven Register metro editor.

August 26: New Haven Register is looking for a new metro editor.
Huh? What happened to Misur?

21st Century Media Connecticut Group Editor Matt DeRienzo explains:

She was promoted to the metro editor job and a few days later told us that she was leaving to become communications director for the West Haven, CT, school department, where she’ll also handle the district’s social media presence.

This was an especially tough one for us, because Susie has a natural talent for journalism. She uncovered this whole [pyramid] scheme, for example, which basically led to people going to prison.

She has to do what she thinks is best for her own career, and we of course wish nothing but the best for her.

d* At least three media companies, including NBCUniversal, are interested in All Things D. Fortune notes that the loss of ATD’s Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher “would be a serious blow to Dow Jones.” (
* Watch Al Jazeera America with a skeptical eye, says Glenn Garvin. ( | A New York lawmaker wants cable companies to drop the new channel, which he calls “anti-American, anti-Semitic and misogynistic.” (
* A New York police officer is indicted for fabricating reasons to arrest a photographer working for the Times. (
* “Worst Person in the World” Lloyd Grove calls Keith Olbermann’s return to ESPN “a jampacked hour of well-produced television.” ( | Olbermann’s fans will like the show. (
* Apparently you can’t write douche“douchebag” in the Toronto Sun. (@sladurantaye)
* Gannett layoffs continue: The News Journal in Wilmington, Del., loses 28 staffers. A tipster’s report: “We lost two on the copy desk, a photographer with 20 years at the paper who had just come back from knee surgery, a health reporter, social media editor and sports reporter. One open position was also cut. Our Spark tabloid (which focuses on youth social scene and party/club/music stuff) was eliminated, axing half a dozen jobs and our Signature Brandywine magazine was axed, and that eliminated a few positions as well. The rest of the 28 came from advertising, which I believe lost 12.” (
* NYT public editor: “There is a place for anonymously sourced information in news articles. …This wasn’t such a case.” (
* The Daily Beast is expected to lose as much as $12 million this year. (
SMALLPATCH* It’s no surprise that Patch killed this column: (Patch via Google cache)
* Lisa DePaulo’s Philadelphia Magazine cover story will also be published as an e-book. (
* “You are scum,” former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten tells conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe. (
* Baltimore City Paper and other papers owned by Times-Shamrock are on the block. ( | (
* Howard Weaver: What does the sale of fictional digital products (say, a Farmville animal) have to do with selling news? Maybe more than we’ve thought. (
* New Orleans Advocate hires the local alt-weekly’s restaurant critic and a former Times-Picayune photographer. (