Orange County Register ‘fine tunes’ trainees’ housing arrangement

The Orange County Register confirms a tipster’s report that the paper has tweaked its housing deal with trainees.

Here’s what my emailer from the Register writes: “The company gathered all trainees (at least 30 people at this point) into a conference room to tell them they will no longer be getting (reeeally expensive) company housing for free. Instead, the company, starting in November, registerwill give trainees $750/month stipends for living. So it’s not like people are being hung out to dry, but it is an interesting change, I think. The current company housing is about $1100/person, with 4 people in each 2-bedroom apartment.”

Here’s what Register local editor Rob Curley tells Romenesko readers: “Trainees will continue to start at $10 an hour, and will now get a $750 monthly housing stipend instead of an apartment rented by the Register. The only difference is that the housing will no longer be rented directly by the Register; just paid for by the Register. When we were directly renting the apartments, we had four trainees per apartment. Our trainees are still eligible for full benefits after six months. We’re not changing our program, just fine tuning how we are implementing it.”

* Dec. 2012: OC Register pays trainees $10/hour *and* provides housing (