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I wrote in June: “I don’t know if the New York Times will claim the name causes confusion in the marketplace, but I suspect it’ll have a problem with one of the site’s Twitter feeds: @ceoNYTimes. (It has over 250,000 followers.)” The Twitter feed is no more. nyt

Here is what you see when you visit today:
* – the new home of New Yorker Times Magazine (
* June 2013: New Yorker Times Magazine help-wanted ad (


New York Times reporter John Eligon writes on Facebook about meeting the subject of his “White Power Takeover” story in today’s paper:

[Paul Craig] Cobb was quick to offer up shameful insults of Jews, gays and to The New York Times.

The white nationalist and the reporter

The white nationalist and the reporter

He said The Times was trying to play mind games by sending a black reporter and a blond-haired, blue-eyed female photographer to interview him. (After I refuted that, he did allow that it could have been a coincidence.) Before using racial slurs directed toward blacks, he would typically excuse himself. But he was not shy to spout his belief that blacks are genetically more violent than whites, that our frontal lobes made us more prone to snapping into violent rages, that we lacked intelligence.

So why wasn’t he scared that I would hurt him, I asked. Because I worked for The Times, he said, he figured that I wouldn’t be like that.

* A postscript to my interview with white nationalist Paul Craig Cobb (
* New neighbor’s agenda: White power takeover (

UPDATE: Jeff Bezos’s meeting with Washington Post employees, originally scheduled for Tuesday, has been changed to Wednesday. (Hey, @PostTV, how about broadcasting it, or at least doing a Bezos Q-and-A for the public?)

Date: August 30, 2013, 2:32:52 PM EDT
To: NEWS – All Newsroom
Subject: RESCHEDULED: Newsroom Q&A with Jeff Bezos

The Q&A with Jeff Bezos has been rescheduled. It will now take place on Wednesday, September 4 at 3:30, in the Community Room.

* Rem Rieder: “Interviews suggest that sentiment at the Post about the future [under Bezos] is decidedly mixed” (

Here’s what the Phoenix’s Jeff Inglis says billionaire newspaper owners Jeff Bezos and John Henry should do:

* “Take themselves out of the picture” to “avoid all sorts of questions about ethics, improper influence, and messing with the public trust”
* Not expect to make much money
* Make the product better
* Remember they still answer to the public.

* Billions and billions (

Jay Busbee tells the New York Post: “South Carolina and North Carolina are, in fact, separate states, and have been for a couple centuries now.”

-- New York Post Sports section

— New York Post Sports section

* New York Post thinks all Carolinas are one and the same (
* New York Post declares “Carolina” its own state (

SPJ is considering changing its name from Society of Professional Journalists to Society for Professional Journalism.

Some at SPJ, according to a Romenesko tipster, favor “changing the focus of the organization to upholding and advocating the principles of professional journalism rather than the people performing the craft.” The SPJ member added: “It’s also a reaction to U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein and others trying to define who is and isn’t a journalist. It’s a proposal that the national board will be debating for quite a while, I suspect.”

SPJ’s newly elected president David Cuillier confirms this in an email:

On Monday, SPJ delegates considered a resolution that would have changed the name to the Society for Professional Journalism. There was healthy debate and ultimately it was voted down. If it were passed it wouldn’t have changed the name immediately – that would have required a separate action for a bylaws change. But it was a great opportunity to discuss an important issue.

The SPJ board met Tuesday morning to talk about the issue, as directed by the delegates. Reaction was mixed, as I imagine it would be throughout the profession, but I was impressed by the thoughtfulness and willingness to explore the topic. As a result, I am creating a task force to look into it further and provide recommendations to the executive committee and then the full board, which could then make a recommendation to the delegates at a future convention.

There are a lot of factors we need to examine, such as the costs to the national organization and local chapters in changing their banners/letterhead, etc. More important, there are compelling philosophical issues, such as how do you define “professional journalist”? How do you define journalism, or “professional” journalism? This is especially relevant as we talk about the federal shield law. I’m not sure if we’ll have any definitive answers right away, or even if we vote on it at EIJ14 Sept. 4-6, 2014, in Nashville. It might be later.

There was a lot of serious stuff in Thursday’s New York Times, but this paragraph made me laugh:


* Double-decker buses, for many, are the height of irritation (

* Tribune Co. reports second-quarter net income of $66.3 million — a 61.2 percent plunge from $170.8 million in the year-earlier period. Revenue dropped 10.5 percent. (
* Philadelphia Inquirer’s opinion section will go from two pages to one on Sept. 9, say sources. (
* Matt Hardigree on the problem with AP’s “Americans Driving Less” story. (
* Forbes writer: “There are few times that an article refuting a Forbes colleague is in need of publishing … this is one of those instances.” (
rupert* Rupert Murdoch’s pay drops to $28.9 million from $30 million last year. ( | A play about Murdoch’s life opens in Australia. (
* How two newspaper reporters helped free an innocent man. (
* College paper’s column comparing white rapper Macklemore to Martin Luther King Jr. gets “some extreme responses.” (
* Ken Doctor examines the GlobalPost-NBC News partnership. (
* Time Inc. CEO Laura Lang steps down in September. (
* The best-selling nonfiction Kindle Single in August is “Searching for Dave Chappelle.” (
* USA Today’s new Twitter account, @sportsPSA, sends sports alerts to your phone. (
* Denver Post lays off its photo director and web news content producer. (
* Rem Rieder to Obama administration: Lay off James Risen! (
* Farhad Manjoo wishes Valleywag would explore more important problems in technology and the tech industry. (
* Maybe a Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one who loves “Network”? (@ditzkoff)
ford* “Morning Joe” becomes “Morning Ford Commercial.” (
* Dan Kennedy on Boston media’s reaction to Rolling Stone’s Aaron Hernandez story. (
* Suggestion: Name San Francisco Zoo’s new Komodo dragon after ex-Chronicle editor – and 2001 dragon-attack victim — Phil Bronstein. (