A black reporter for the New York Times profiles a white nationalist


New York Times reporter John Eligon writes on Facebook about meeting the subject of his “White Power Takeover” story in today’s paper:

[Paul Craig] Cobb was quick to offer up shameful insults of Jews, gays and to The New York Times.

The white nationalist and the reporter

The white nationalist and the reporter

He said The Times was trying to play mind games by sending a black reporter and a blond-haired, blue-eyed female photographer to interview him. (After I refuted that, he did allow that it could have been a coincidence.) Before using racial slurs directed toward blacks, he would typically excuse himself. But he was not shy to spout his belief that blacks are genetically more violent than whites, that our frontal lobes made us more prone to snapping into violent rages, that we lacked intelligence.

So why wasn’t he scared that I would hurt him, I asked. Because I worked for The Times, he said, he figured that I wouldn’t be like that.

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