Morning Report for September 2, 2013

* “For modern political reporters, the end of the day never arrives,” David Carr writes in his column about campaign journalism in the Twitter era. ( | Did Twitter kill “the boys on the bus”? (
* The Onion isn’t Republican or Democratic; its editorial stance is against bullshit. (
* Tucker Carlson falls asleep during Saturday’s “Fox & Friends” show. (

- Tucker Carlson falls asleep on 'Fox & Friends."

– Tucker Carlson falls asleep on ‘Fox & Friends.”

* Suburban Chicago judge orders Patch reporter to reveal who gave him confidential police reports. ( | (
* Mark O’Connell on BuzzFeed: “The rise of the listicle obviously connects with the Internet’s much-discussed effect on our ability (or desire) to sit still and concentrate on one thing for longer than ninety seconds.” (
* San Antonio investigative reporter John Tedesco calls Deadspin’s Johnny Manziel story “meticulously researched, masterfully written — and fundamentally flawed.” (
* Washington Post’s Gene Weingarten wins the Ernie Pyle Lifetime Achievement Award. (
* The Budget, a newspaper for the Amish, runs about 500 letters a week on 44 to 46 pages with no photos. (
* Tennessean reporter leaves the investigative beat to cover music. “Reporting on the music business in Nashville is akin to covering the auto industry in Detroit,” writes Nate Rau. (
* Rachel Maddow: Arkansas Times’s oil spill coverage deserves Pulitzer consideration. (
* Watch Keith Olbermann rip’s Pete Prisco for his column about the NFL concussions settlement: (