Greg Packer wants to see his name in your newspaper – again

“My name sounds familiar because I’ve been quoted so many times over the last 15 to 20 years. The first time I saw my name in print I couldn’t believe that I made a major newspaper. That made me feel that I accomplished something.”

“One of the things that I’m best known for was I’m the guy who camped out for a full week outside the Apple Store on 59th Street just to be the first one to get a new iPhone. I wanted to see what the phone was like because it was a new product at the time, and I was interested in the media attention that went with it as well.”

“When I was at the Columbus Day Parade, a reporter for the New York Times showed up. When I came even close to mentioning my name, he slammed his book and walked away because word got around his office not to use me for any more interviews.”

“It’s always been a case of the right place, the right time, knowing where reporters are going to do their jobs for the day. My strategy would be to be in the front row, just be myself, show how happy I am to be in the front row, and that usually attracts the attention of not only the crowd around me, but especially reporters themselves.”

“Everything was going smoothly and quietly until the Associated Press sent a memo to all their reporters telling them not to quote me anymore in any of their publications. Part of the memo says that Mr. Packer is eager to be quoted, let’s be eager, too, to quote other people. Yes, I do consider the Associated Press memo [laughs] an accomplishment of my career.”

“I think it’s terrible that reporters are getting in trouble because they’re quoting me. But if I’m their source for an interview, I don’t see where the problem is at all. What I do is not only helping reporters do their jobs, but it’s also helping me tell my family and friends where I’ve been. So it’s a case of helping each other.”

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