Morning Report for September 4, 2013

jeff* Jeff Bezos offered few clues about his plans for the Washington Post when he met with the paper’s leaders Tuesday. He meets with staffers today. ( | Matt McClain’s photo of Bezos visiting the Post “makes me think of a tiny alien visiting a backward tribe, like in Star Trek.” (@mathewi)
* Santa Fe Reporter lawsuit accuses New Mexico’s governor of routinely withholding public records from the paper. (
* SF Chronicle: “There are now no remaining broadcast reporters covering politics full time in the Bay Area.” (
* Is The Economist left-wing or right-wing? Neither, it says. (
* “The Daily Show” did just fine without Jon Stewart – but it’s nice to have him back. (
* James Carville is now writing for The Hill. (@thehill)
* Former Life magazine editor Judith Glassman Daniels dies at 74. (AP via
* California weekly publisher rejects the “click-happy, comment-happy, Twitter-happy experience.” (
* Sacramento Bee editorial page editor Stuart Leavenworth is named McClatchy Beijing bureau chief. (
* Hug trees, not dollars: Petitioners want CNBC to improve its climate change coverage. (
* Tribune Co., A. H. Belo, Gannett, McClatchy and Washington Post explore the sale of (
* Many characters in “A Truckload of Ink” bear striking resemblances to Times-Picayune staffers. (
tandy* Family won’t allow technology introduced after 1986 in their house. “We’re parenting our kids the same way we were parented for a year just to see what it’s like,” says the dad. (
* Friends of Scholastic Journalism award winners include Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory. (
* Clarence Page gives a shout-out to his high school journalism teacher. (
* Press Democrat in Santa Rosa, CA, puts up a paywall. (It didn’t learn from the San Francisco Chronicle?) (
* University of Georgia’s Red & Black comes back to life. (
* Akron Beacon Journal publisher Andrea Mathewson retires at 54 after six years on the job. (
* A funeral for the Boston Phoenix is set for Sept. 13. ( | Earlier: Where the Phoenix staff landed. (