Deseret News puts column on ‘pause’ for a month after finding five cases of improper attribution

In mid-August, the Deseret News told readers in a print edition-only note that several paragraphs in a “Why the family” column were lifted from the New York Times and that “we are conducting further review.”

Richard and Linda Eyre

Richard and Linda Eyre

That review of nearly 300 columns by Richard and Linda Eyre is finished, and the News says it found five more columns “where sentences were not properly attributed to their original source.”

What now?

“The Deseret News has chosen to pause publication of the Eyres’ column for one month,” the paper says. “We realize that many of our readers have benefited from the Eyres’ voice on family issues and anticipate a return of the Eyres’ column.”

Richard Eyre tells the Salt Lake Tribune in an email that “there is really no excuse because while we are not professional journalists (we write our columns as unpaid volunteers) we are professional authors, and we certainly should have been more careful — as we will be in the future!”

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* “These are fairly egregious examples of plagiarism,” says ethicist (
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