I’m not buying this exec/author’s story about the ‘flustered’ New York Times reporter

Bruce Poon Tip (shown below), the founder of G Adventures, writes in his soon-to-be-published book about a “flustered” New York Times reporter and the paper killing a story about him because he refused to call himself a CEO.

The passage:

The journalist who tipped me off to this writes:

bruceAny business reporter who’s worked the beat for a day knows this type of exec — young, idealistic, and believing that business culture can be changed by ripping up the conventions of work titles. Silicon Valley has brought us so many Chief Fun Officers and Executives of Awesome that I would be shocked—shocked!—if there was really a New York Times business reporter who’d get “flustered” by yet another such young CEO. But gosh, it sure makes a great anecdote about being bravely disruptive.

I emailed G Adventures spokesman David Holmes and asked for the name of the “flustered” reporter. He replied: “Unfortunately, the name of this particular reporter at the Times escapes Bruce – he wanted to include the name in Looptail, but couldn’t track down who it was.”

I’ve also called the Times for a comment.