Afternoon Report for September 6, 2013

-- seen today on Fox News

— spotted today on Fox News

* The people at Fox News — probably not regular NPR listeners — quote “Morning Addition.” (@currentpubmedia via Dru Sefton)
* New York Times CEO: “We are currently leaving money on the table because we don’t yet have enough video-advertising opportunities to sell.” (
* Watch online on Monday: Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Tim Armstrong, Caroline Little and others discuss digital disruption of the news business. (
* Erik Wemple: NPR correction convicts Tina Brown of the same offense — insufficiently careful reading — that got Howard Kurtz in trouble. (
* It appears everyone will play nice in the closing minutes of CNN’s revamped “Crossfire.” (There will be “an opportunity for hosts to look for common ground at the end of the program.”) (
* Federal judge tosses a request for an injunction that would have blocked a plan to end the Las Vegas Review-Journal/Sun JOA. (
* Detroit News managing editor Don Nauss announces his retirement. (
* Rem Rieder tells the Storyful story: “Its mission is harnessing the power of social media.” (
lady* Say it isn’t so! “Lady Gaga and Jay Z bodyguard tasered to death by police.” (* Reuters journalist discusses his scoop about the Syrian army moving Scud missiles to avoid a potential attack. (
* Video out of Syria made New York Times staffers “physically ill,” says paper’s spokesperson. (
* The Awl calls out TechCrunch for “cagey bullshit.” (
* FYI: Techmeme is now writing its own headlines. (