Morning Report for September 6, 2013

spj* Why SPJ should change its name to Society for Professional Journalism. One reason from Michael Koretzky: “SPJ membership has fallen 20 percent since the mediapocalypse.” ( | (
* “Now that the buzz of the Bezos visit has worn off, I find myself with the same concerns and doubts about the future,” writes WaPo’s Joel Achenbach. ( | WaPo’s Craig Timberg talks to @PostTV about the Bezos visit. (
* Alex Jones: “If the Las Vegas Sun was to go away, it would be a shame for Las Vegas.” (
* University of Buffalo Athletics stops picking up the student newspaper’s tab for road games. “We can’t afford the $600-700 per person for travel and hotel to cover road games” so the paper will no longer do it, says the editor. (
* They do? “Journalists tend to confuse journalism with major daily papers.” (
* CNN’s Peter Hamby talks to NPR about his paper on political coverage in the Twitter era. (
* NSFWCORP founder: “When we reach 12,000 subscribers, we’ll be entirely self-sustaining as a business.” (
* Nikki Finke confirms she wants to buy Deadline back from Jay Penske. ( | (
* Finke wants a correction and apology from The Wrap. (@nikkifinke)
* Study finds that 62 percent of Brits lie about reading classic novels. (
* Sports journalist Ron Higgins quits the Memphis Commercial-Appeal and joins the Times-Picayune. (
* BuzzFeed comes up with 27 things media people like. (
* Look out, Howard Kurtz, Media Matters is watching your Fox News appearances closely! (
* “Besides my grandparents, who are both dead, who is watching the nightly news?” asks Glenn Beck. (Here’s his answer.) (