Morning Report for September 9, 2013

* Politico owner Robert Allbritton buys Capital New York and plans to expand its staff by “I would not have purchased the company if [Capital New York founders Tom McGeveran and Josh Benson] had not agreed to join us for this great experiment,” writes Allbritton. McGeveran says: “We felt we were in a position to grow with the right kind of money behind us.” ( | ( | (
* Riptide: Dozens of media people explain what really happened to the news business. The oral histories are “personal recollections of a broad but select group of principals who faced the choices, made the decisions, placed the bets, and now have the benefit of hindsight as to how it could, or couldn’t, have played out differently.” (
* Brian Williams was open about his knee surgery “because in this day and age there is no such thing as an unexcused, unexplained one-month absence from your day job.” (
* Vanity Fair toughens its coverage of Hollywood; some celebs and their reps aren’t pleased. (
* The “new” Oregonian will be more than briefs, breaking news and crime du jour, says its editor. (
* MIA Los Angeles Times sports columnist TJ Simers is reportedly joining OC Register. (
* Longtime New York Post TV critic Linda Stasi joins the Daily News. (
* Philadelphia Inquirer redesign critiqued. (
* CBS News scores some impressive Syria coverage wins. (
* I’m shocked that Marilyn Hagerty’s big book event is at Sander’s restaurant and not The Olive Garden. (
* In the case of journalist-agitator Barrett Brown, the feds “are suggesting that to share information online is the same as possessing it or even stealing it.” (

Swisher and Wolff

Swisher and Wolff

* Michael Wolff on All Things D’s Kara Swisher: “Nobody wants to challenge her for fear of her backlash.” ( | Swisher tweets: “Hey, I just read I am a ‘crazy scary’ lesbian.” (@karaswisher)
* Howard Kurtz’s new “Media Buzz” show on Fox News “shows a fair bit of promise,” writes Erik Wemple. ( | The show’s formula feels familiar, a bit “Reliable Sources”-like. (
* NPR ombud Edward Schumacher-Matos no longer has a problem with news outlets using the term “Obamacare.” (
* Megan Liberman leaves the New York Times to become Yahoo! News editor-in-chief. (
* “My bet is Jeff Bezos will use lessons from Amazon’s Prime service” at the Washington Post. (
* Groupon founder Andrew Mason is going to be a dad. (