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-- Gawker graphic by Jim Cooke

— Gawker graphic by Jim Cooke

Willamette Week editor-in-chief Mark Zusman recently interviewed Tyson Evans, deputy editor for interactive news at The New York Times. An excerpt:

Zusman: “Jeff Bezos — threat or menace?”

Evans: “Uh, neither. [Laughs] Brilliant guy. …”

Zusman: “There must, in your shop, be — you must have wasted several hours discussing what do you think is going to happen at the Post. There’s a theory that I think is absurd that he’s going to use the Post delivery trucks to start delivering books. My guess is that it’ll go the other way. One of the questions is, obviously, is he going to speed up the end of print at The Post ….”

Evans: “…Who knows what Bezos is going to see when he starts looking at the balance sheets of The Post? I have friends who have businesses where Bezos is an investor — he has a huge portfolio, has picked some really good companies, obviously has figured out economies of scale at Amazon that are mind-boggling in all sorts of dimensions, from servers to books to whatever. So I’m pretty excited for the competition. I think it’s going to be great to have somebody who understands consumption at a level he does, and ideally he’s going to push the Post in a way that’s going to make them really fun to compete with.”

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NPR announced today that Paul G. Haaga, Jr., vice chair of the radio network’s board, will serve as acting president and CEO. It also said in its press release:

The [fiscal year 2014] budget includes operating and investment revenues of $178.1 million, expenses of $183 million, and an operating cash deficit of $6.1 million, or 3 percent of revenues.npr As part of the strategy to eliminate the deficit and lower ongoing expenses, NPR will offer a voluntary buyout plan broadly across the organization that seeks to reduce staffing levels by approximately 10 percent.

With about 840 employees, NPR is looking to cut 84 people. That’s one of the largest staff reductions in the organization’s history, reports Paul Farhi.

Speaking of NPR jobs ….. remember this post from May?

I asked about the opening earlier this week and was told by NPR spokesperson Cara Philbin that “we’re still in the hiring process.”

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maltinFilm critic Leonard Maltin did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) this week and was asked: “Did the creators of South Park offer you the role to play yourself [at right] in the Mecha-Streisand episode?”

Maltin: “No, I only found out about the South Park appearance two weeks before it aired…and even that came from a press release, not from the show itself. But I was delighted with the result, and they still repeat that episode all the time. I even got to meet Isaac Hayes (Chef) some years later and hear him say my name out loud — in person.”

A young film critic asked Maltin for career advice.

Maltin: “I don’t know what prospects there are for making a livingleonard in this already-specialized field nowadays, with newspapers folding (and firing critics) and people who do have jobs clinging to them for dear life. The Internet is wide open, of course, but there aren’t many established sites that pay a living wage and that’s the real challenge. I’ve been awfully lucky in my career, but I’m not immune to these changes, and I’m glad I’m not starting out today. That said, if you love to write about movies, don’t let anyone deter you — you just may have to do it as an avocation rather than a full-time job.”

* I am movie critic and film historian Leonard Maltin (

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