Lincoln Journal Star blasts Deadspin’s Pelini recording tipster – again

On Tuesday, Lincoln Journal Star sports columnist Stephen M. Sipple said the tipster who gave Deadspin the recording of Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini’s F-bombs was a “degenerate” and a “weasel.” The coach, according to Sipple, is “outspoken … brazen,” and “sometimes uses harsh language.”

On Wednesday, Lincoln Journal Star local columnist Cindy Lange-Kubick guessed that Deadspin’s tipster is “male, 28-35, Blackshirts flags on his F-150, C-minus in freshman composition.” She adds: “I was at a ‘Make a Wish’ dinner and Bo Pelini and all his coaches were surprising a sick kid with a car. I think someone has video.”

I’m seeing a big Pelini feature on the front page of this Sunday’s Journal Star, with an “exclusive” interview with the coach.

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