Morning Report for September 18, 2013

* “Big news at Reuters: Reuters Next is being cancelled, @nycjim and @kylestanding both leaving. Very, very sad day.” (@felixsalmon) | Read the memo: (
* Earlier: Ex-New York Times AME Jim Roberts (@nycjim) to join Reuters on Feb. 25. (
* Family discovers via a Denver Post photo that their sister survived the flooding. (
* The five things we write too much: (
farmer* Modern Farmer magazine’s editor is so busy she had to hire a farmer to take care of her overgrown garden. (
* Veteran Boston media critic Dan Kennedy is writing a book about the new breed of newspaper owners. (
* The 2013 Online Journalism Awards finalists are named. (
* “We’re in an abusive relationship with CNN,” says Jon Stewart. (
* Penthouse owner FriendFinder files for bankruptcy protection. (
* The man who sold to the Sun-Times is now the newspaper’s chief technology officer. (
* There’s talk of layoffs — and new hires — at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. (
* At least eight college newspapers claim to be the oldest in the country. (
* Conde Nast is a client: “Even companies that have received bad advice from McKinsey still tend to continue using them,” says author. (
* Correction of the Day: He said anyone with a pulse, not anyone with nipples. (
* PSA: Los Angeles Times paywall is lowered until Oct. 11, thanks to a sponsor. (
* Washington Examiner CEO to staffers: “As a token of gratitude for your hard work, today I am treating everyone to lunch.” (The memo doesn’t say where they’re dining.) (via memo)