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“Here’s a clue people and Courier editorial staff: Will McAvoy is a fictional character on HBO’s “The Newsroom” series. The GOP Requirements letter is a direct quote from Sunday night’s episode. As a former Republican I tend to agree with the script.”
Louisville Courier-Journal reader Mike Hammond

— h/t to Thomas Bradley; thanks to Stephanie Doyle for the image

* The letter has been pulled, but comments about it are still on the C-J site (

*Listen to McAvoy deliver the lines on “The Newsroom” (


Paula Routly, publisher of Seven Days alt-weekly in Burlington, Vermont, tells James Fallows:

People look at our paper and it makes them happy and interested to be here. That motivates them to do something, and participate — which makes it more a community, and gives us something to cover. It’s a cycle that works. …

My biggest problem is the ‘death of print’ doom and gloom talk, which scares advertisers into thinking no one will see their ads. But as long as people keep picking up our paper, which they do, the ads get seen.

* James Fallows finds a profitable (print) paper in Vermont (
* Ben & Jerry’s and many others have been with Seven Days from the start (


* “Very creative and very passionate on your end,” and more praise (
* Nakash family wins Versace mansion for $41.5 million at auction (

* Americans’ confidence in mass media improves slightly after falling to an all-time low last year. (
* Walt Mossberg: “I still intend to write my columns and I expect to be working harder than ever” after leaving the Wall Street Journal. (
* Kara Swisher “will be continuing her famously fierce pursuit of the news” at the new site. ( | Mossberg and Swisher are in talks with NBCUniversal and others. (
pennies* “Still fragile” New York Times should not have restored its 4-cent dividend, says Ryan Chittum. (
* At Gawker, “we sort of look at ourselves as a national tabloid now,” says editor John Cook. (
* Chicago public school principal calls security to stop coverage of a meeting. (
* Time photographer uses social media crowdsourcing to identify people in his 9/11 photo. (
* Kristen Iversen: “The simplistic, reductive ideas that [NYT’s] Styles section traffics in, is all too prevalent on the Op-Ed page as well.” (
* Farhad Manjoo’s last Slate column (he’s off to the WSJ): Why don’t I wear makeup all the time? (
* “Editorial independence remains a particularly thorny issue for Sinclair Broadcast.” (
* Interactive map shows where Denver Post photographers have been covering the floods. (
* Chris Geidner is named BuzzFeed legal editor. (
* Former Wall Street Journal Online publisher Neil Budde is named executive editor of Courier-Journal Media in Louisville. (
* Ex-NYT correspondent Hassan Fattah is departing as editor of The National, Abu Dhabi’s daily. (
* Forty years ago this month there was a newspaper strike in Providence. (
* Former ABC News correspondent Robert Zelnick gets three years probation for vehicular homicide. (