Morning Report for September 20, 2013

* Americans’ confidence in mass media improves slightly after falling to an all-time low last year. (
* Walt Mossberg: “I still intend to write my columns and I expect to be working harder than ever” after leaving the Wall Street Journal. (
* Kara Swisher “will be continuing her famously fierce pursuit of the news” at the new site. ( | Mossberg and Swisher are in talks with NBCUniversal and others. (
pennies* “Still fragile” New York Times should not have restored its 4-cent dividend, says Ryan Chittum. (
* At Gawker, “we sort of look at ourselves as a national tabloid now,” says editor John Cook. (
* Chicago public school principal calls security to stop coverage of a meeting. (
* Time photographer uses social media crowdsourcing to identify people in his 9/11 photo. (
* Kristen Iversen: “The simplistic, reductive ideas that [NYT’s] Styles section traffics in, is all too prevalent on the Op-Ed page as well.” (
* Farhad Manjoo’s last Slate column (he’s off to the WSJ): Why don’t I wear makeup all the time? (
* “Editorial independence remains a particularly thorny issue for Sinclair Broadcast.” (
* Interactive map shows where Denver Post photographers have been covering the floods. (
* Chris Geidner is named BuzzFeed legal editor. (
* Former Wall Street Journal Online publisher Neil Budde is named executive editor of Courier-Journal Media in Louisville. (
* Ex-NYT correspondent Hassan Fattah is departing as editor of The National, Abu Dhabi’s daily. (
* Forty years ago this month there was a newspaper strike in Providence. (
* Former ABC News correspondent Robert Zelnick gets three years probation for vehicular homicide. (