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* Former FBI agent pleads guilty to leaking to the AP after federal investigators identify him through AP phone logs. (
* Staffers at the IBT Media-owned Newsweek will have to pay 100 percent of their health insurance premium, according to the Guild. (
* IBT requires that employees’ hair be its “natural color,” and “well groomed.” (
* Meanwhile, Playboy employees have an office condom machine. (
* The New Yorker’s topical covers are always hits on Twitter. (
* TV News shows need on-air fact-checkers. (
* Beacon won’t be the Netflix of journalism, but… (
* A computer firm buys the San Jose Mercury News’ headquarters. (
* Book publishers have to acknowledge what every editor knows: editing is crucial and can make the difference between the success or failure of a book. (
* Glenn Hall leaves to become editor of Dow Jones’s (
* Nick Bilton: “Last episode of #BreakingBad is titled ‘Felina.’ Fe (Iron) Li (Lithium) Na (Sodium).” (@nickbilton)

From Amy Jeffries’ interview with “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me” scorekeeper Carl Kasell:

JEFFRIES: When you do come to Baton Rouge for the Wait, Wait show at the River Center, the men in the audience really should be prepared for the women in their company to simply swoon when you come onto the stage.

Carl Kasell: Heck of a hugger

Carl Kasell: Heck of a hugger

KASELL: Well, I don’t know about that. I’m a pretty old guy right now, not as young as I used to be, but, uh…

JEFFRIES: It’s been known to happen.

KASELL: And I have the reputation here at NPR of being one of the best huggers in the building.

* Carl Kasell: Newscaster, scorekeeper, legendary hugger (
* (“Wait, Wait…” road show coming to Baton Rouge (

Gawker Media staffers got this memo from the boss today:

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Nick Denton
To: Edit
Sent: Monday, September 23, 2013 12:23 PM
Subject: Next Kinja release

…goes live on Valleywag this afternoon. There’s a presentation to press, ad trades and advertisers at Crosby St Hotel at 4.30, to which site leads and deputies are invited. (Tell to get your name on the list.) General staff party at 8pm across the road at my apartment.

Here’s the essence of the new release. You’ve seen how one blog can reblog and reframe another’s story. Now that action also shapes the discussion that is presented.

For instance, here’s Adrian Chen’s story on abuse allegations against Michael Arrington with the new discussion interface.

The first link shows article as it would appear on Gawker with all comments showing. (They are full-width, displayed chronologically.) Many of them focus more on the appearance of Arrington and his ex-girlfriend.

But the second link is my version of the same story, the page that you’d see if you followed a link on, my personal blog. I’m curating articles from Gawker and other sites — but also the discussions. The second link shows a filtered version of the discussion, focusing on me, Adrian Chen and other Gawker staff, journalists with other outlets like Owen Thomas — and Jenn Allen herself.

Take a look. You can see that is a version of the discussion that is aimed at my readership, eminently shareable by me. It has the potential to move the story forward. Click on any comment in order to drill down or explore.

We’ll do an all-hands meeting to go through the implications of the new system. It will change the way that we and others do journalism. But in the meantime, you can read Nick Bilton’s take in the New York Times.

UPDATE: Here’s that column.

* The Sorkin mention didn’t escape notice on Twitter, notes Sorkin’s site (
* Sorkin looks pained to be apologizing for Wall Street all the time (

— From “Boardwalk Empire,” Season 4, Episode 1 (h/t Dave Scott)

* (AUDIO) Al Capone: “He gets my fuckin’ name wrong?!” (
* (AUDIO) Capone confronts the 22-year-old reporter who misspelled his name and gives him a good slap on the head (

* From a press release: “The Newspaper Guild of New York has accused the new owner of Newsweek of prohibiting its journalists and other employeesguild from discussing their working conditions or criticizing their employer, a violation of U.S. labor law.” The Guild cited the restrictive policies in an unfair labor practice charge filed with the U.S. National Labor Relations Board against Newsweek, which was purchased by IBT Media in August.
* Online journalism can’t survive without a wealthy benefactor or cat GIFs. (
* Patch reporter Joe Hosey is fined $300 a day until he names the source who gave him confidential police reports. ( | Patch has appealed. ( | A Florida SPJ chapter is raising money for Hosey. (
* Fox Newser Sarah Palin to “Fox News Sunday”: “No more anonymous sources.” (
* University of Kansas journalism prof put on leave over a tweet about NRA and the Navy Yard shootings. ( | (
* Ward Bushee retires as San Francisco Chronicle editor. (
* New York Times: “We are exploring ways to use journalistic-storytelling techniques to present a narrative for our advertisers.” (
* Anna Wintour has even more power at Conde Nast, and that worries some employees. (
plotz* Slate editor David Plotz (left) explains the site’s new look. (
* Washington Post (
* Gawker Media is radically changing comments and further blurring the line between reporters and readers. (
* USA Today is sued over its Hilton Hotels digital news portal. (
* News Corp. “expects to pay regular cash dividends in the future,” says its latest earnings report. (
* A.H. Belo’s Providence Journal will cut about 30 jobs in coming weeks. (
* Greenwich Journal is sold after its editor’s child porn arrest. ( | Earlier: Newspaper suspends publication after editor’s arrest. (