Afternoon Report for September 23, 2013

* Former FBI agent pleads guilty to leaking to the AP after federal investigators identify him through AP phone logs. (
* Staffers at the IBT Media-owned Newsweek will have to pay 100 percent of their health insurance premium, according to the Guild. (
* IBT requires that employees’ hair be its “natural color,” and “well groomed.” (
* Meanwhile, Playboy employees have an office condom machine. (
* The New Yorker’s topical covers are always hits on Twitter. (
* TV News shows need on-air fact-checkers. (
* Beacon won’t be the Netflix of journalism, but… (
* A computer firm buys the San Jose Mercury News’ headquarters. (
* Book publishers have to acknowledge what every editor knows: editing is crucial and can make the difference between the success or failure of a book. (
* Glenn Hall leaves to become editor of Dow Jones’s (
* Nick Bilton: “Last episode of #BreakingBad is titled ‘Felina.’ Fe (Iron) Li (Lithium) Na (Sodium).” (@nickbilton)