Morning Report for September 24, 2013

* Wisconsin judge denies courtroom access to reporters covering the case of a teen girl accused of killing her newborn. (
* We still don’t know who illegally accessed reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s computer at CBS. (
* Scott Armstrong: “There’s not a national security reporter that I can find who supports the shield law, because it won’t protect us.” (
* BuzzFeed’s president calls editor-in-chief Ben Smith “fast, good, decisive, smart, reasonable, and fun.” (
logos* Check out the Quartz Headline Generator, launched as the site celebrates one year online. (
* “We’ve turned into quite a solid business,” says Slate chairman Jacob Weisberg. (
* The pace of iTunes Radio listener growth puts it on track to surpass Pandora. (
* HuffPost Live is expected to break even by the end of next year, says HuffPost’s CEO. ( | (
* Wichita teachers aren’t allowed to tweet or be on Facebook while at work. (
* A University of Wisconsin student journalist drops acid and attends a Badgers football game. (
* Students who check their phones during Gail Shister’s class are most likely to be called on. (
* It’s a big day on Twitter for University of Nebraska-Lincoln students. (
* Apply here to be managing editor of Nate Silver’s (
* AOL exec claims cuts at Patch haven’t hurt the sites’ performance. (
* The McGraw family is funding a business journalism center at CUNY. (
* Google apologizes for yesterday’s lengthy Gmail outage. (