[UPDATED] Rem Rieder is named USA Today feature editor

usaUPDATE: A line in the memo below — “as we add a seven-day print cycle to our existing 24/7 online cycle…” — has some people wondering if USA Today is adding Saturday and Sunday editions. No, says spokesperson Heidi Zimmerman.

She writes in an email:

USA TODAY has no plans to publish a stand alone newspaper on the weekends. As announced last week by four Gannett local newspaper markets, Gannett is piloting a program where there will be a local edition of USA TODAY inside four Gannett community newspapers starting in a couple of weeks. Those local USA TODAY editions will be put together by USA TODAY staff, hence the mention in the staff note.


Rem Rieder, who resigned as American Journalism Review editor in June to become USA Today media editor, is taking on the additional duties of feature editor at Gannett’s flagship paper. The editor’s memo:

From: Callaway, David
Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 2:03 PM
To: USAT ED Newsgroup
Cc: Kramer, Larry
Subject: Rem’s World


I’m happy to announce that Rem Rieder will take on the additional duties of feature editor across the news group, responsible for working with the Butterfly team, Susan Weiss’s enterprise operation, and all sections across online and print.life Rem will join John Siniff, our new weekend editor, in helping craft the features for both print and online each week, working in the best of our investigative projects with quick hits to present a unique take on the big news of the day. Jon Swartz’s Crackberry piece today on A1 being a great example.

As we add a seven-day print cycle to our existing 24/7 online cycle, it’s important we have a constant flow of creative spot news and features to distinguish us from the competition. Rem’s experience running newsrooms and working with reporters across categories and platforms puts him in great shape to help us build this out. He’ll report to me, though he will remain seated in the Money section for now and will of course, continue his excellent media column.

Cheers. Dave