Morning Report for September 26, 2013

What they're doing at the Los Angeles Times

What they’re doing at the Los Angeles Times

* A federal appeals court says it’s OK for Cavalier Daily and Collegiate Times in Virginia to run ads for alcohol. (
* Cavalier Daily editor-in-chief: “I think this decision has significant potential to provide an alternative source of revenue for our advertising department, as well as catering to our readership, the majority of which is over 21.” (
* The Pulitzer board would like to see more editorial-writing entries. (
* The story behind New York Times’ Christine Quinn documentary. (
* USA Today considers putting up a pay wall. (
* Sinclair Broadcast Group plans to buy eight TV stations in Pennsylvania and Florida in a $90 million deal. (
* Non-profit news outlets need to show they’re having an impact if they want to attract and retain philanthropic support. (
* Conde Nast Traveler lays off 17 staffers as it shifts to shorter features. (
* Anyone surprised? “Consumers would rather pay for movies and music than for news.” (
* Oklahoma State football has a new interview policy following Sports Illustrated’s investigation. (
* The Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin is punched in the face after tweeting about stand-up comedian Dan Nainan. (
* People magazine editor: “I’d be lying if I said that minorities don’t have a harder time selling covers.” (