Robert Reich: I lied to the New York Times about Hillary Clinton overdoing it with butter on her popcorn

From Time magazine’s video interview with Robert Reich:

Belinda Luscombe: “Is it true you went on a date with Hillary Rodham? This is what the Internet tells me.”

Robert Reich: “When she was running for president — or the Democratic nomination for president — I got a call from a New York Times reporter and he said, ‘We found this collection of letters and apparently she had a date with you.’ Then he asked, ‘Is there anything you can remember about that date which might shed some light on how she would be as president? This is exactly what he said. I didn’t laugh — I was about to laugh because it was such an absurd [question] — but I didn’t even remember the date at first. I said to the reporter, ‘Well, I do remember she wanted an inordinate amount of butter on her popcorn.'”

Luscombe: “Is that true, or did you make it up?”

Reich: “I made it up because I thought it was such an absurd question he asked. And then I heard nothing on the other end. And then two days later in the New York Times — they have this little gossip column …[and] it had my quote – she wanted an inordinate amount of butter on her popcorn.”

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