[UPDATED] Well-played, World-Herald


Update: I asked about the cover and got this email from Presentation & Planning editor Dave Elsesser:

Brady Jones, one of our 1A designers, is the brain behind our front page today.

Some members of our Living crew (reporter Kevin Coffey, designer Theresa Berens, editor Jeff Reece) worked together on a fun little timeline/charticle on the 50th anniversary of the cassette tape.
It was one of those things that was too good not to tell our readers about. (Who doesn’t remember wearing out their favorite cassette?) … So, on a bit of a slow news day, we wanted to be bold in calling attention to our Living cover.

Brady Jones, our 1A designer last night, handled the rest. The mix-tape cassette treatment – complete with our handwritten OWH flag – was Brady’s idea and execution. Other than some minor tweaking throughout the editing process, there wasn’t a lot of discussion. Executive Editor Mike Reilly and Managing Editor Melissa Matczak liked the concept and signed off on it quickly.

It seems to have been well received. More importantly, I think it achieved the goal of sending readers to Theresa and Kevin’s fun little spread on the Living cover.

* PDF of today’s Omaha World-Herald front page (newseum.org)
* Famous musicians share memories of the cassette tape (omaha.com)