Morning Report for September 30, 2013

* Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger: “With a rigid pay wall, you end up with a small, elite audience, with restricted access for everyone else. We want a large audience and international influence, and not just with elites.” (
* D.C.-based Brazilian reporter Claudia Trevisan is arrested and jailed by Yale police while trying to cover a seminar. (
hughes* New Republic owner Chris Hughes (left) says it’s “very important for me to be able to work on both sides [editorial and advertising] of the organization.” (
* “Breaking Bad” finale on Albuquerque Journal’s page one: ( | The story: (
* CNN Films cancels its Hillary Clinton documentary. (
* Former Creative Loafing editor and Miami Herald staffer John Sugg is now editing the Scientologists’ Freedom magazine. (
* David Carr: “A low point in a long campaign to rein in reporters and chill their sources may turn out to be a very big blessing in disguise.” (
* Business Insider invests in longform journalism. (
* The Minneapolis Star Tribune could go on the block as early as 2014. (
* Bleacher Report describes its copyediting process. (
* Bozeman Daily Chronicle kills its Monday print edition. (
killing* Bill O’Reilly says the Holy Spirit summoned him to write “Killing Jesus.” (
* New York Sun published its final print edition five years ago today. (
* Washington Post reveals that Robert Allbritton, Michael Bloomberg, and Eric Schmidt were among those approached about buying the paper. (
* Michael Wolff: Don’t blame salespeople for the print advertising decline. (
* San Francisco Chronicle’s David Steinberg is named UNITY president. (
* Frédéric Filloux: The old “trusted news brand” notion is going away. (
* Jeff Bezos and Newspaper Characters. (