Stars and Stripes cuts print edition features

Beetle Bailey: No longer in the weekday Stripes.

Beetle Bailey: No longer in the weekday Stripes.

Star and Stripes announced today that several columns and features, including “Dear Abby” and “Click and Clack Talk Cars,” are being dropped as the print edition goes from 40 pages to 32.

The comics in the weekday paper go from three pages to one, while the Sunday funnies are cut in half – to eight pages. (“Beetle Bailey” is one of the strips that’s getting the hook on weekdays.) Also, Stripes says it will no longer use the Scripps-Howard News Service.

‚ÄúPeople are less engaged in our print product, but more engaged than ever in our digital product,” says publisher Max Lederer said. “Consequently, we’ll allocate fewer assets to print and more and more to digital.”

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