Morning Report for October 2, 2013

baquet* “It is not my fear that newspapers will die,” says New York Times managing editor Dean Baquet. “My only fear is that the craft of witnessing and reporting on the truth will die.” (
* Jeff Bezos now owns the Washington Post. ( | No mention of Bezos on the masthead of the Bezos-owned Post. (@jfdulac) | Will Washington Post Co. become a mini-Berkshire Hathaway? ( | A Post reader thanks Don Graham. (
* Post publisher Katharine Weymouth uses public transportation? (@wymouthk)
* Daily Beast touts traffic gains as it lays off staffers. (
* Advice for young journalists from BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith, Slate’s David Plotz and others. (
* Toronto Star apologizes for a story with six paragraphs lifted from an earlier Star story. (
* A New York Times editor defends what’s been called the worst “Vows” column ever. (
* How to turn your reporting into a TV series: investigative journalist Thomas Maier discusses “Masters of Sex.” (
* No surprise that Dallas Morning News’ hard paywall experiment failed. (
buzz* A Washington, D.C. “news anchor legend” is accused of participating in a $3 million charter school scheme. (
* “There are definitely huge new [surveillance] stories to come,” says Glenn Greenwald. (
* What to do now that federal databases are shut down. (
* Mediabistro founder Laurel Touby and ex-media reporter hubby Jon Fine are party animals. (