Deadbeat Link site publishes Palm Beach Post reporters’ home addresses and phone numbers

A site called The Deadbeat Link has published the home addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth of Palm Beach Post and WPEC-TV staffers. The site founder claims South Florida journalists are lazy and need to be shamed “into better behavior.”

In a digitally altered voice, the man behind Deadbeat Link says “the ones doing the job of the big reporting outlets are small,dead one-man sites and don’t have the ability to communicate their findings to the masses like the large outlets. … This is my protest of the news agencies that are filled with reporters that should look in the mirrors and be ashamed of themselves.”

Here’s more of his statement:

In most parts of the world, journalists are the people who are supposed to keep the population safe from the If it weren’t for the investigative, pro-active journalists, our government would run rampant over the people with no checks and balances because absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Because journalists in South Florida aren’t doing their jobs, this is exactly what’s taking place. We have so-called reporters who report nothing of substance. They are lazy and don’t feel like investigating and are not reporting on serious issues. A good example: they haven’t answered the question about why four unarmed people have been shot and killed by deputies in Palm Beach County. … The reason is simple: because most reporters in South Florida will only report on matters that pose no threat to them or their career and asking hard questions of government officials is politically unpopular. They avoid it at all costs. …

“I think it’s pretty silly,” Post columnist Frank Cerabino tells Romenesko readers, “and obviously the work of somebody looking for attention. To contend that everybody in a news organization is a ‘deadbeat’ because they’re not helping you go after your political enemies is a little twisted.”

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