Former Patch editor: ‘I’m sad to see the great experiment fail’

Ryan Martin worked for St. Louis Patch for three years before being laid off in August. “I’m not mad or critical,” he writes. “I’m simply sad to see the great experiment fail.” (He landed at The Elkhart Truth, an Indiana daily, as digital content director.)

I’m heartbroken that so much great local reporting—the kind patchof news about local schools, small business owners and neighbors that bigger operations can’t cover—will again be missing in these communities. I’m disappointed to see so many great journalists finally give up on their journalism careers and transition into other occupations.

Patch’s problem, he says, was that it grew too fast and “dared to gamble in 2010 by hiring hundreds of journalists.”

* Patch’s closure in St. Louis (and my closure after Patch) ( | h/t Mark Maley