Mobile journalists in New Jersey were supposed to be like ‘swarms of bees’

A reader sent the dispatch below after reading yesterday’s post about the Arizona Republic telling its community reporters to work out of Starbucks and other public places with WiFi.

I wanted to point out that The Bergen Record did the “mobile reporters” move years ago when they shut down their original newsroom in Hackensackbees and crammed everything into a smaller space in Woodland Park. There was a pretty infamous memo that went out – I want to say this was 2009 [actually, it was 2008] – that reporters were going to be like “swarms of bees” reporting the news.

What really wound up happening was all the reporters who lived up there worked from home. Those who didn’t worked out of Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, wherever they could go to file. I used to spend a lot of time at the public library conducting interviews on my crappy company-issued cell outside.

* Arizona Republic tells community journalists to go mobile (
* Memo from 2008: “I envision the ‘MOJOS’ like a swarm of bees landing in different towns”