Morning Report for October 4, 2013

* Editor Jim Impoco’s goal: “Turning Newsweek back into an indispensable read, not an optional read.” (
* Impoco thanks his staff for getting the magazine out “under extraordinary circumstances.” (@jimpoco)
* Photographer Bill Eppridge — best known for his Life magazine image of a dying Robert F. Kennedy — is dead at 75. (
* Roger Yu: “The Onion has morphed into a digital newsroom with a special emphasis on original video production.” (
kelly* Megyn Kelly: I’m not going to be the female Bill O’Reilly on my new primetime show. (
* Should Business Insider and BuzzFeed merge? Not yet, says BI founder Henry Blodget. (
* Why Becker’s Hospital Review has never used the term “Obamacare.” (
* Politico’s Jason Zengerle recalls stalking Michael Moore for Might magazine. (The reporter was accompanied by a pal in a gorilla outfit.) (
* Legacy media outlets can’t match Politico’s “Playbook” because their reporters refuse to play Mike Allen’s game. (
* “Cheesy” and “vulgar” sex columns in the Daily Texan have fans — and many haters. (