Morning Report for October 8, 2013

* “I hope that in the foreseeable future I’ll be back to edit The Inquirer,” says fired Philadelphia Inquirer editor Bill Marimow.inky (He was dismissed before noon Monday, but didn’t leave the newsroom until about 7 p.m., when he was given a standing ovation.) (
* Sports Illustrated tests a paywall that lets website visitors read articles after watching a 30-second video. (
* EveryBlock founder Adrian Holovaty advises Twitter not to hire Vivian Schiller as Head of News. (

- Ryersonian, 1976

– Ryersonian, 1976

* Digging through the archives of Ryerson’s student newspaper as the j-school celebrates 60 years. (
* Ted Leonsis, a frequent critic of the Washington Post, says the paper is “not that important anymore.” ( | Earlier: Leonsis on print media. (
* “60 Minutes” is criticized for not interviewing any disabled people for its Social Security disability piece. (
* Gay Talese and Elon Green go over “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold.” (
* Twitter uses accounting tricks to claim it’s profitable. “The real silly thing is that the SEC allows this,” writes Stephen Gandel. (
* HuffPo blogger would like to see Warren Buffett buy the Los Angeles Times. ( | Earlier: Buffett says he’s not interested in the Los Angeles Times. (
* It was a $720,000-plus gross revenue “Woodstock for wonks” weekend for Texas Tribune. (
* Deseret News helps a mortgage guy sell his photos of young athletes. (