The Oklahoman apologizes for reporting on county officials’ tax breaks

It sounds like some bigwigs complained to The Oklahoman’s publisher, who writes: “We are hopeful that more often than not our judgment is sound. But it wasn’t Sunday morning when we gave front-page billing to the story about two elected officials and tax exemptions for property owners who lease to nonprofit entities. …This was a poor decision on our part.”

From The Lost Ogle:

So let me get this straight. The Oklahoman’s publisher, Chris Reen, is apologizing for having an experienced reportertax go out and actually perform investigative enterprise journalism on a subject the public should know more about? Uhm, okay? Is he concerned about the taxes going up on his $500,000+ home or something? I could see him doing that if the story was libelous or defamatory, but everything in it was supported by facts and public records. And contrary to what Reen said, the story was “particularly newsworthy.” I live in Oklahoma County and had no clue these sort of tax breaks existed.

* The Oklahoman is very sorry it reported some news (
* Oklahoma County assessor, commissioner properties are tax exempt (

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