Get to school now, Dolly, and learn you’re vs. your!


Tim Litsch sends today’s “Family Circus” in an email with the subject line, “Most widely published typo today.” He closes: “Your you’re welcome!” I’m checking my PressReader account, which has newspaper comic sections, to see if any papers that changed your to you’re. Let me know if you find any. I have a call in to King Features comics editor Brendan Burford.

Check out the comments on the Milwaukee paper’s website. (“This is deplorable! And twice!” writes one commenter. Another: “It’s a sign of the apocalypse! The high and mighty Keane family has made a grammatical error!”)

So far I’ve heard from readers who say “you’re” ran the Charleston Daily Mail, Orlando Sentinel, Bergen Record and Dallas Morning News. “We called in the error and got the corrected cartoon for the San Antonio Express-News,” writes a Facebook subscriber.

“Our content provider sent out a correction notice and updated graphic file long before most papers’ deadlines. So it should’ve run with ‘you’re’ in all Chicago Tribune Co newspapers,” writes Megan Craig of Tribune.

Other readers:
“I was pleasantly surprised to see that our newspaper, the Corvallis (Ore.) Gazette-Times, corrected the Family Circus error. Not bad for the typical overworked small daily newsroom.”

“The BANG [Bay Area News Group] papers also caught the error and published the correct cartoon caption.”

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