Morning Report for October 11, 2013

* Cox’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution is laying off half its photo staff — 5 out of 10 — on November 1. At Cox’s Austin American-Statesman and Palm Beach Post, some photographersajc are being offered buyout packages. (
* Dayton Daily News buyouts memo: “Our 2013 newspaper revenue is down, and we expect that trend to continue into next year.” ( | The chart at the end of this post tells all: (
* Pew Research finds that 71 percent of U.S. adults watch local TV news. (
* Mark Copyranter: I was fired from BuzzFeed because my content wasn’t BuzzFeedy enough. ( | April, 2012: BuzzFeed hires Copyranter. ( | Copyranter’s BuzzFeed posts.
* Google wants to join Facebook in selling users’ endorsements to marketers. (
* Everyone can search for you on Facebook now. (
* Nate Silver: “Plenty of bullshit” in TV’s coverage of the government shutdown. (
* It’s time for Belo to sell the Providence Journal, says Dean Starkman. (
* First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams delivers a somewhat surprising speech at Harvard. (
* Americans lie about watching porn online. (
* Boston’s WGBH says it won’t remove David Koch from its board. (
* Dan Harris is named co-anchor of ABC’s “Nightline.” (
* A hipster and his old typewriter at a Bowery coffee shop. (
* Magazine war: Men’s Health vs. Men’s Fitness. (