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“I knew he was going over. It happened so quick, I was praying the focus was sharp.”

* How Stan Grossfeld took his iconic Game 2 photo (
* Grossfeld is amused by the reaction to his photo on social media (he has seven Twitter followers) (
* Cop in the photo: “I’ve got about 20 of [the images that others sent] on my cell phone” (

Sun-Times Media chief Michael Ferro (right) was the grand marshal of today’s Columbus Day Parade in Chicago,ferro to the dismay of the Chicago Newspaper Guild. “We don’t believe he was worthy of this honored position at this great event,” says the Guild’s executive director. I’ve invited the Sun-Times to respond.

* Sun-Times: Critics fail to taint Columbus’ proud legacy (

From the union’s release:

Press release
Poor Parade Grand Marshal Choice
CHICAGO– What does Christopher Columbus have in common with the man who said he wanted to eliminate all the photographers from the first day he took over the company that owns Chicago Sun-Times?

Both were featured in a parade today, Oct. 14. The Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans selected Michael Ferro, Jr. as Columbus Day Parade’s grand marshal./CONTINUES Read More

New York Times paywall is lowered for a few days

* Carl Bernstein is writing a book about his cub reporting days at the Washington Star, where he started as a copyboy. (
* New York Times Co. CEO: “The last thing in the world we want is the business side trying to invent journalistic product.” (
* Times editor Jill Abramson says UK officials wanted her to turn over Edward Snowden’s documents. (
* New York Post editor: “Many people have wanted to write our obituary in the past, and it is wishful thinking. We’re not going anywhere.” (
* Newsday truckers reject the company’s four-year pay offer. (
* Claim: “No one has ever aged past 50 — very few past 40 even — as an online journalist.” (
ray* Ray Suarez is leaving “PBS NewsHour” and considering “a wide range of very attractive options in broadcasting, print, and academia.” (
* Scientific American is criticized for removing a blog post critical of its partner, BiologyOnline. (
* Ex-Inquirer reporter Ralph Cipriano: Why I won’t be signing the bring-back-Marimow petition. ( | David Carr on the Inquirer drama. (
* Tamara Jones: “Journalism isn’t about ink and newsprint – it’s about bearing witness.” (
* More publications are using Kickstarter to launch or stay afloat. (
* Jim VandeHei is named CEO of Politico and Capital New York. ( | (
* Hudson Valley Reporter distributor is arrested after putting his paper in a rival’s box. (
* Judge tosses Michigan editor’s lawsuit against readers who were critical of a meth bust story. (
* I’m having a hard time finding the “snotty comments” in my post about a Wisconsin editor’s decision to retire early. (