Morning Report for October 14, 2013

New York Times paywall is lowered for a few days

* Carl Bernstein is writing a book about his cub reporting days at the Washington Star, where he started as a copyboy. (
* New York Times Co. CEO: “The last thing in the world we want is the business side trying to invent journalistic product.” (
* Times editor Jill Abramson says UK officials wanted her to turn over Edward Snowden’s documents. (
* New York Post editor: “Many people have wanted to write our obituary in the past, and it is wishful thinking. We’re not going anywhere.” (
* Newsday truckers reject the company’s four-year pay offer. (
* Claim: “No one has ever aged past 50 — very few past 40 even — as an online journalist.” (
ray* Ray Suarez is leaving “PBS NewsHour” and considering “a wide range of very attractive options in broadcasting, print, and academia.” (
* Scientific American is criticized for removing a blog post critical of its partner, BiologyOnline. (
* Ex-Inquirer reporter Ralph Cipriano: Why I won’t be signing the bring-back-Marimow petition. ( | David Carr on the Inquirer drama. (
* Tamara Jones: “Journalism isn’t about ink and newsprint – it’s about bearing witness.” (
* More publications are using Kickstarter to launch or stay afloat. (
* Jim VandeHei is named CEO of Politico and Capital New York. ( | (
* Hudson Valley Reporter distributor is arrested after putting his paper in a rival’s box. (
* Judge tosses Michigan editor’s lawsuit against readers who were critical of a meth bust story. (
* I’m having a hard time finding the “snotty comments” in my post about a Wisconsin editor’s decision to retire early. (