Oh, no! Patch editor realizes there’s hanky-panky going on in her pumpkin photo

A Patch editor forwards a colleague’s help-me! email and notes: “When one has a lack of editors on Patch staff, stuff like this gets posted nationwide ….”

From: XXXXX@patch.com
Date: October 16, 2013 at 2:42:17 PM EDT
To: Community Editors
Subject: Need your Help

I need your help ladies and gentleman. I appears a pumpkin photo I did not look at close enough — or maybe I’m just an old married lady — simulates, um, a carnal act. There is no way to delete a photo nationally in this gallery.

Could you guys help me delete this on the site you have permission for?


* The photo is still in the gallery of this Wisconsin Patch (wauwatosa.patch.com)
* Patch now has some unstaffed and lightly staffed sites (jimromenesko.com)