Piers Morgan: A ‘mad blogger’ was spreading rumors about CNN wanting to fire me

CNN’s Piers Morgan told Howard Stern this morning:
“There was a Vanity Fair profile of me recently – not particularly flattering – but I chuckled as I read it.piers Most of my profiles are so awful that actually by comparison it wasn’t bad, so I was actually able to enjoy some of it. In the middle of it, they interviewed some British editor who said the great thing about Piers is we all get together and about every three months we run a story we hope will get him fired from CNN, which I quite like. The British mentality is — you quite like that. It gets me up in the morning; it galvanizes me.”

He’s asked about reports that CNN wants to dump him.
“The rumors start because some mad blogger – on a blog site I’d never heard of – blogs ‘Morgan Facing Axe, Katie Couric Coming In’ – or whatever the name it is that week – and the reality is, I’d literally the month before had my fourth-year option picked up.”

“Mad Blogger” Scott Jones writes in an email: “Since Morgan is British, I’m not sure what his translation of ‘Mad blogger’ means. I know people say that Tiger Woods has “mad golf skills” which means that Tiger is very good at his job of a PGA Tour player. So, will take it as Piers was complimenting us and for that we thank him.

“As for never hearing of FTVLive.com…maybe he should check with his boss Jeff Zucker. We are 100% Jeff has heard of us and has known about FTVLive for years. We stand behind our story and we’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out. FTVLive has a long history of breaking stories and our batting average is pretty damn high when we do.”

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