[UPDATED] This day in New York Times history

* “16 years ago today, 1st color pix on @nytimes Page 1” (NYTJamescobb)
* Times editor in 1997: “Our view is that color is just another tool” (nytimes.com)
* January 1999: Washington Post announces it will use color photos on page one (nytimes.com)


* New York Times front page on October 16, 1997 (scribd.com)

Update — Bill Lucey writes on his Newspaper Alum site:

“The first color photo believed to have appeared on page one of a major newspaper was on October 21, 1959, when the Minneapolis Star ran an Associated Press color photo of the funeral of General C. Marshall. On June 8, 1939, AP transmitted a half-tone color picture of President Roosevelt and King George VI from the nation’s capital.”