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The anchor/reporter’s last tweet

Fox29 anchor/reporter Joyce Evans hasn’t tweeted since the night her “Breaking Bad” tweet went viral and she was called “moronic,” “clueless,” “insensitive,” and worse things. (That was 11 days ago.) Was she told to stay off Twitter? Or is she on a self-imposed break? She hasn’t responded to my inquiries, and her bosses haven’t returned calls either. Are you a Philly journalist who knows what’s going on? Please send me an email.

* Joyce Evans on Twitter (@JoyceEvansFox29)

logoMcClatchy’s CEO tells employees that “the company is working hard to avoid furloughs that are disruptive, discouraging and financially difficult to manage,” but wages will be frozen in 2014.


DATE: Oct. 17, 2013
TO: All Employees
FROM: Pat Talamantes
SUBJECT: 2014 Compensation Update

Over the last several weeks, senior leadership throughout the company has been working to develop a 2014 budget that ends furloughs companywide while managing ongoing declines in print advertising revenue and operating cash flow. After extensive review, we’ve settled on trying to break the furlough cycle and avoid budgeting them for 2014 by, instead, budgeting for an across-the board, one-year wage freeze beginning Dec. 30, 2013, the first day of the 2014 fiscal year.

Each furlough is roughly equivalent to a 2 percent wage cut. We must find ways to replace furlough savings, and a wage freeze will close much of this gap. That means delaying future wage growth for all employees, but 2014 base pay should be higher for almost everyone who participated in furloughs this year (assuming no other changes to jobs, hours or schedules)./CONTINUES Read More

October 17, 2013

October 21, 2011

* Congressman denies rumors he’s dead (

-- Thursday afternoon Drudge Report

— Thursday afternoon Drudge Report

Carl Bialik wrote on his Numbers Guy blog in 2007:

I’ve come across the salsa claim several times, as a factoid trotted out to illustrate the impact of Latinos on the U.S. Tidbits like this often gain credence simply by being repeated over and over, and this one has already had a long life: Back in 1992, NPR’s Weekend Edition trotted it out, prefaced by the comment, “Here’s a fact about American life that may illustrate as much as any census finding.” That same year, the New York Times reported it in a piece headlined, “New Mainstream: Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Salsa.” More recently, the claim has appeared in an article on marketing on the Web site of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and in a story on

* Ketchup vs. salsa: By the numbers ( via @EvanMcSan)

Veteran investigative reporter Jeff Manning surprised his Oregonian colleagues fourteen months ago when he announced he was quitting the paper to become the Oregon Attorney General’s spokesman. “It’s really a great opportunity,” he said in August of 2012.oreg

Manning discovered that he missed working in a newsroom and now he’s returning to the Oregonian.

“I’m a lifelong journalist and I’ve just got it in my blood,” the 55-year-old reporter tells Romenesko readers. “I wasn’t happy” in the new job. “The attorney general is a great person. She’s married to a newspaper man [Willamette Week publisher Richard Meeker]. She was sad when I told her I was leaving, but she wasn’t surprised.”

The memo to Oregonian staffers:

Very happy to tell you that Jeff Manning is returning to work here. He will help us continue our tradition of important investigative and watchdog journalism in both digital and print presentations. In addition, he and his investigative team colleagues under Bruce Hammond’s leadership will be designing and implementing new ways of engaging with the community in that work. His start date is undetermined but it should be soon.

Welcome back, Jeff!

Peter Bhatia
Editor and Vice President of Content

* August, 2012: Jeff Manning leaves The Oregonian for the AG’s office (


Letter to Romenesko
From WAYNE WOOD: Subject — Boehner’s got a gun.

Times photo in the final edition.

Times photo in the final edition.

The front page photo of John Boehner in today’s National edition of the New York Times delivered in Nashville shows the Speaker striding through the Capitol with what appears to be a binder in his hand — but due to a trick of the light, all four of us passing the paper around the breakfast table this morning had the same thought: that looks like Boehner has just pulled a gun.

Curiously, the National edition page front currently on the NYT site uses a slightly different photo, minus the trick of the light/firearm illusion.

Anybody else notice this?

Since a quick look didn’t turn up an online version of the photo, I’ve enclosed a bad iPhone shot.

* Boehner on the front page of the New York Times late edition (
* Boehner with a gun in an Onion photo illustration (

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* Long Beach Press Telegram columnist to Long Beach Register: “Our intern alone is better than your entire publication/Internet gizmo.” (
* Washington Post Co.’s Kaplan and the tutors’ union haven’t been able to hammer out a contract. (
* Photo: Bob Woodward holds Mike Allen’s iPhone hostage in the “Morning Joe” green room. (@kasie)