Investigative reporter Jeff Manning returns to The Oregonian after serving as AG’s spokesman

Veteran investigative reporter Jeff Manning surprised his Oregonian colleagues fourteen months ago when he announced he was quitting the paper to become the Oregon Attorney General’s spokesman. “It’s really a great opportunity,” he said in August of 2012.oreg

Manning discovered that he missed working in a newsroom and now he’s returning to the Oregonian.

“I’m a lifelong journalist and I’ve just got it in my blood,” the 55-year-old reporter tells Romenesko readers. “I wasn’t happy” in the new job. “The attorney general is a great person. She’s married to a newspaper man [Willamette Week publisher Richard Meeker]. She was sad when I told her I was leaving, but she wasn’t surprised.”

The memo to Oregonian staffers:

Very happy to tell you that Jeff Manning is returning to work here. He will help us continue our tradition of important investigative and watchdog journalism in both digital and print presentations. In addition, he and his investigative team colleagues under Bruce Hammond’s leadership will be designing and implementing new ways of engaging with the community in that work. His start date is undetermined but it should be soon.

Welcome back, Jeff!

Peter Bhatia
Editor and Vice President of Content

* August, 2012: Jeff Manning leaves The Oregonian for the AG’s office (