Salsa overtakes ketchup in the United States? Old news!

-- Thursday afternoon Drudge Report

— Thursday afternoon Drudge Report

Carl Bialik wrote on his Numbers Guy blog in 2007:

I’ve come across the salsa claim several times, as a factoid trotted out to illustrate the impact of Latinos on the U.S. Tidbits like this often gain credence simply by being repeated over and over, and this one has already had a long life: Back in 1992, NPR’s Weekend Edition trotted it out, prefaced by the comment, “Here’s a fact about American life that may illustrate as much as any census finding.” That same year, the New York Times reported it in a piece headlined, “New Mainstream: Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Salsa.” More recently, the claim has appeared in an article on marketing on the Web site of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and in a story on

* Ketchup vs. salsa: By the numbers ( via @EvanMcSan)