Morning Report for October 18, 2013

* The AP suspends Bob Lewis for his Terry McAuliffe error. (
* Can rich tech guys save journalism? (Pierre Omidyar shown below) ( | ( | (
omid* Jack Shafer on “the bottomless optimism of billionaire publishers.” (
* Ex-WSJ managing editor Robert Thomson tried hard to keep a phone-hacking story out of the Journal. (
* Matt Katz quits the Philadelphia Inquirer and takes his “Christie Chronicles” to New Jersey Public Radio. (
* It’s like they’re reading a consultant’s script! News anchors around the country say: “Mike Myers says, ‘Yeah, baby!'” (
* Court orders Wall Street Journal not to divulge names in Libor case — “a serious affront to press freedom,” the paper says. (
* Elle is accused of trying to hide Melissa McCarthy’s plus-sized figure. (
* The Virginian-Pilot will lay off nearly 4 percent of its workforce by the end of the year. (
* The Richmond Free Press will no longer use “Redskins.” (AP via
* Pew says 43 percent of Americans 16 and older own a tablet or e-reader. (
* New York restaurant critic Adam Platt is kicked out of ZZ’s Clam Bar. (
* The Dartmouth examines the role of journalism on college campuses. (
buzz* BuzzFeed without GIFS reads like essays from second-graders, says Andy Baio. (@waxpancake)
* BuzzFeed has 340 employees – most under 35. (
* Reddit isn’t making money. (“We’re not grossly unprofitable, but…”) (
* Meet New York City’s newsies. ( “I get rid of all of them,” one says of his stack of papers. “We’re not allowed to have no returns.”) (
* Newspapers “slouching toward obsolescence”? (