Asbury Park Press plays it straight on a big day for gay couples in New Jersey

“One would think the paper bearing the name of one of New Jersey’s highest profile gay enclaves would have celebrated the first day of gay marriage on its front page,” writes a Romenesko reader. “Instead, the paper had a story about a heterosexual couple getting married.” (I’ve asked executive editor Hollis Towns about his page one.)


* Straight couple on Asbury Park Press’ front page | Gay couple on Star-Ledger’s (

Update — A former Press staffer writes: “Here’s what many people don’t realize, Jim: While Asbury Park has a significant gay population, there is a very strongly conservative bent in the Asbury Park Press’ circulation area — as evidenced by the voting in the Booker-Lonegan election that was held to fill the seat of Frank Lautenberg. Lonegan won both Monmouth County (home to Asbury Park), 54 percent to 45 percent, and Ocean County voted 64 percent for Lonegan. It is a red enclave in fairly blue state.

“It’s also an area with lots of retirees — dozens of retirement communities fill the Press’ readership. They have always been a lot more conservative. We used courtesy titles until the mid-1990s, for instance.”