Man’s face is blurred in magazine photo, but he’s still suing for $35,000

Mt. Lebanon magazine writer Merle Jantz’s piece (page 36) about DUI checkpoints begins: “The guy in the tropical print shirt is having a bad night. His Volvo was the very first vehicle to enter the DUI checkpoint that was set up…”

(Credit: George Mendel)

(Credit: George Mendel)

The face of the guy in the tropical print shirt was blurred in the magazine’s photo (at right), but John Pinto is still suing because, he says, he’s known for wearing tropical print shirts and people who recognized him thought he had been arrested for drunk driving.

From the Observer-Reporter’s story:

Pinto was not arrested that night, or, the complaint states, any other night for any other reason, and the defendants knew or should have known the statements and implications contained in the article and photograph were false and/or misleading.

“I have no comment,” said Susan Fleming Morgans, editor-in-chief of the magazine.

Pinto, who claims he has been brought into public scandal and disgrace resulting in financial loss, is suffering emotional distress and anxiety. He is seeking $35,000 or less in damages, will have his case be heard by a board of arbitrators.

* Washington County man sues over magazine photo (