Morning Report for October 22, 2013

* Washington Post staffers bid farewell to the Graham family. ( | Ben Bradlee was there. (@cbrennansports) | “I spy Bob Woodward.” (@amzam)smallpost
* “At end of wash post party tonight, don graham stood by the door to say good-bye to each of 600+ current and ex staffers by name. Classy.” (@kimmasters)

* Doug Manchester’s UT-San Diego eyes an alt-weekly. (
* LSU columnist: “This generation deserves better information, and it is right out there for the taking. The New York Times, USA Today and The [Baton Rouge] Advocate are three papers available on campus that are capable of informing this student body. But we refuse to pick them up, and stacks of newspapers lie untouched in front of Middleton Library every day.” (
* Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune revise their joint operating agreement. The papers’ digital businesses will be operated outside of the JOA. (
* Philly reporter Ralph Cipriano is subpoenaed in clergy sex abuse cases. (
* David Pogue: “Yahoo approached me this summer with an offer I couldn’t refuse.” (
* A Concordia College admissions office staffer confiscates newspapers with a story about students’ alcohol use.( | (
* The AP’s firing of veteran reporter Bob Lewis and news editor Dena Potter “stands in contrast to [its] more lenient response to past high-profile flubs.” ( | News Media Guild “alarmed.” (
chris* Star-Ledger’s Chris Christie endorsement is blasted; chief editorial writer responds in comments. ( | The endorsement: (
* Grambling’s PR director is accused of censorship after the student paper’s online editor is fired over coverage of the football team’s protest. ( | (
* “Most attempted BuzzFeed takedowns come off as petty and jealous. This does not.” (
* Adam Lashinsky: Journalists don’t love paywalls any more than readers, but they’re rather fond of being paid for their work. (
* Lee Bandy, the dean of South Carolina political journalists, is dead at 78. (