Morning Report for October 23, 2013

* Remember Andrew Davis, the man who writes weekly letters to Warren Buffett? He finally met the billionaire. (| Earlier: Andrew Davis wants to help Warren Buffett save newspapers. (
* Conde Nast drops its internship program after being sued by two ex-interns. (
* An investigator is trying to find out who leaked uniform designs to Paul Lukas. (
* The two nearly blank pages in today’s New York Times are “ads” for “The Book Thief” film. (
* The building in which a newspaper is produced likely has a far greater value than the newspaper itself. (
* Washington Post correction: Capt. Robert Durand’s muscular build was incorrectly described. (

- From today's Washington Post (h/t @bendreyfuss)

– From today’s Washington Post (h/t @bendreyfuss)

* New Republic owner: “We’re still doing the old-school quality journalism” and circulation is up 40 percent. (
* A lawsuit stalls billionaire John Henry’s $70 million purchase of the Boston Globe and Worcester Telegram & Gazette. ( | (
* Former AP reporter Bob Lewis says he’s feels “stunned and hurt” by his firing after 28 years of “unblemished” service to the news organization. (
* New York Post’s story about Banksy paying $50,000 to use exhibit space for a few days “is absurd.” (
* New York Times is shutting down its Wheels blog and replacing it with more in-depth car stories. (
* History lesson: In 1934, seven LSU student journalists were expelled for running an anti-Huey Long letter-to-the-editor. (
* National Geographic almost passed on Steve McCurry’s iconic “Afghan Girl” portrait. (
* Fox News anchor Shepard Smith would like his gin/cucumber drink — and now, dammit! ( | Slate: Why did Gawker out Smith? ( | Shep’s gay? Old news! Remember the documentary “Outrage”? (