Morning Report for October 24, 2013

* Rick Berke leaves the New York Times to become Politico executive editor. (
* Facebook user: “If it wasn’t for Facebook news, I’d probably never really know what’s going on in the world because I don’t have time to keep up with the news on a bunch of different locations.” (
* Too embarrassed to discuss paying $1 an hour? “Condé Nast declined to explain or provide details of its decision to end its internship program.” ( apply| New York Times interns are paid $960 a week. Attention students: Submit your application by Oct. 31. (
* Nate Silver says FiveThirtyEight will “probably experiment a lot with different freelance writers.” (
* Silver’s editorial philosophy: “Let’s say fewer things but be more correct about them.” (
* Mark Schoofs wants to “continue the ProPublica mission” when he starts as BuzzFeed’s investigations editor. (
* McClatchy reports lower 3Q earnings as ad revenue continues to slide. (
* Toronto police may have watched Gawker’s “crack video” meeting. (
* David Cay Johnston gets an exclusive interview with Glenn Greenwald. ( | Read it in Newsweek. (
* Warren Buffett “briefly” considered buying the Washington Post. (
* Minnesota high school wrestler sues after being suspended for a tweet that the school said was a terroristic threat. (

-- From the Washington Post

— From the Washington Post

* Romenesko reader Jay Berman writes: “This link, which has been up for nearly 48 hours, outlines the political hopes of Chris Christie. It also makes reference to one President John R. Kennedy. It’s way down in the story, but there’s something about JRK that kind of jumps out at you.”
* Time Warner Cable agrees to distribute Al Jazeera America. (
* Prominent television reporters are laid off at the Huffington Post. ( | Providence Journal lays off eight in the newsroom. (
* Interested in fired AP reporter Bob Lewis’ job in Richmond? Here’s the ad: (
* Check out the “awesome” wall-hanging in the All Things Digital office. (@mathewi)